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Get the Facts Straight: What You Don't Know about Jeep Wranglers

Planet Dodge Jeep Wrangler You Didn't Know - Featured
Source: jeep.com

Do you love to drive off the beaten path. For generations, Jeep has been the vehicle for people just like you! Interested in learning more? If so, continue reading to learn things about the new Wrangler that you may not have known.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Wranglers

Here’s what you need to know about Jeep Wranglers.

Many, Many Models

There’s a Jeep out there for everybody – from…

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Restore or Modify Your Dodge Model with Genuine Dodge Parts & Accessories

When it comes to your beloved Dodge model, you want to make sure it gets the best care possible for all restoration and modification projects. One way to ensure that it does is to utilize genuine Dodge parts and accessories. That is where the Planet Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Parts Center can be of service to drivers in Miami, Florida!


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2017 Dodge Charger Trims: Which One is Best?

2017 Dodge Charger Trims

Since its 1966 debut, the Dodge Charger has been the classic America muscle car. Today, the 2017 Charger offers eight trim levels and the ability to personalize your ride more than ever. Optional customization packages can make your 2017 Charger uniquely yours!
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Wash Your Car the Right Way

Getting your car washed regularly is important if you want to preserve your paint job and keep it looking nice, but if you decide to opt for the hand wash there are a few things that you should know.
If you are washing your car by hand, don't use the soap by the kitchen sink.
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Ram Trucks Beat the Chevy Silverado in Sales

RAM Trucks Beat Chevy Silverado

Last year, the 2016 Dodge RAM 1500 earned the title of third-best-selling pickup truck in the country, where the RAM has been for a few years. That’s a pretty impressive feat, but this year’s model has done it one better: the 2017 Dodge RAM sits pretty at second place, beating out the former No. 2, the Chevy Silverado.

Whether you need a truly heavy-duty pickup truck on the job or something to haul your family and a boat from point A to point B, the 2017 RAM is simply the better choice.
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Small Jeep Models You Will Love

Selecting one of the small Jeep models could be good for your social life, wallet and even for our planet. Small cars are known for being fuel efficient, low maintenance, and easy to maneuver. With all of these benefits in mind, it’s clear that bigger isn’t always better.
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Dodge Demon SRT is Starting to Make the Hellcat Look Pedestrian

If you thought that the beast mode offered by Dodge’s Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcats represented a plateau for the brand’s performance chops, it’s time to reexamine your expectations. While 707 horsepower is pretty insane, we’re told that the torque of the new Demon SRT set to be unveiled in a month is nothing short of world-moving.

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6 Jeep Essentials for Any Jeep Owner

You show up at the trailhead and suddenly feel a little out of place. The other Jeep owners have styled their vehicles with accessories that make you think, “Why didn’t I get that?” Want to come prepared for the next time?
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