The Chrysler 300 Stuns With Stylish Exterior Features

In the full-size luxury sedan class, Chrysler's popular 300 is a powerful V6 with all the comfort you'd expect from a quality automobile. With a stylish exterior to match its many interior upgrades, the 300 offers drivers an exciting driving experience.

The 300 comes with a range of color options that include Ocean Blue, Velvet Red and Green Metallic with a clear coat. Opt for the 300S trim to upgrade the exterior with fascias that match your car's body paint, a rear spoiler, fog lamps and other premium enhancements. Wheel sizes are customizable and come in sizes ranging from 17 to 20 inches.

With its mix of round bulbs and pinpoint LEDs in a U-shaped configuration, the 300's headlamps are a unique and distinctly illuminating blend. Beyond their visual appeal is their smart design, which allows them to monitor the road ahead and adjust to the contours and curves so that the driver always enjoys proper illumination.



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