Wheel Alignment

Your vehicle should receive a wheel alignment when you have new tires installed. In a perfect world, that alignment would keep your car driving on a straight path until your yearly tire rotation and maintenance check-up. Roads are full of potholes and imperfections, and those hard bumps can affect the way your vehicle manages and the wear that’s placed on its tires.

Every time you hit a curb or run over a road imperfection, it knocks you wheels slightly out of alignment. Hitting one harder can require an immediate visit to the alignment shop for a realignment between regular maintenance checks. There are some indications you notice that your car requires service. One of them is pulling to the left or right as you apply the brakes. Another might be noticing a vibration at the steering wheel when braking. Driving your vehicle should not require extra effort at the wheel to maintain direction.

Excess wear on parts of your tires can cause them to need replacing sooner than it should. If you have concerns about your car’s alignment, don’t hesitate to bring it by Planet Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM in Miami. We’re happy to help you with your questions.
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