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Buying a car is a big decision that can sometimes prove to be difficult. The freshness and perfect conditions of a new car may be appealing, but the price could be out of your budget. You may want the attractive deals you find on used and Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles, but become hesitant thinking about the treatment of previous owners. Demo cars are the perfect medium—a happy mix that gives you the best of both worlds.

What Are Demo Vehicles?

A demo vehicle is a car that is used to give test drives and demonstrations at the dealership. Manufacturer representatives may also drive these vehicles before being distributed to the dealership or to commute the dealership’s managers back and forth. Whatever the case may be, buyers can rest assured that the vehicle has only been driven by a dealership representative, manufacturer representative, or under the supervision of one of the two.

Due to the involvement of dealer/manufacturer representatives on a demo car, buyers can buy with confidence knowing that the vehicle was treated with the utmost respect and care. Demo vehicles will always be in new or like-new condition. In some cases, you may be unable to even distinguish them from entirely new models without looking at the odometer. Though demo cars normally go through the pre-owned department, some dealerships sell demo vehicles through the new car department.

Demo Vehicles at Planet

At Planet Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ram, some of our demo vehicles are officially classified as CPO vehicles. Though the vehicles have been used sparingly and have such low mileage, they have been tested explicitly against manufacturer conditions to ensure quality.

Are Demo Vehicles Less Expensive?

One of the only noticeable differences between a demo vehicle and a new vehicle is the price. Even with low mileage and minimal wear, demo specials are not brand new cars; the price reflects that more than anything else. Planet does not attempt to pass demo specials off as new cars. Instead, we offer them at excellent prices to help them sell. If you can find a demo car with all the features and options you love, you’re in luck! Purchasing a demo vehicle is a unique way to save money on a car that has never been owned by another individual driver.

Are Demo Vehicles Reliable?

Like most cars, a demo vehicle is as reliable as the person or company from which you purchase it. Some sellers may try to pass something off as a demo vehicle when it does not necessarily fit the description. A true demo vehicle has only been used for giving test drives at a dealership or similar demonstrations. However, some less-than-reputable vendors interpret that definition loosely. It is essential to make sure your demo vehicle has not been used for anything that might have put more stress on the car than the mileage would suggest.

For example, a demo vehicle that has been used at a high-performance driving school has been through a lot more than a vehicle that has only been taken for casual test drives around the dealership. Find a reputable dealership, and ask questions about exactly how their demo program works. A reputable dealer should be able to tell you exactly where the mileage is coming from on a demo vehicle.

At Planet Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ram, we are completely honest and upfront about the history of our demo specials. Our sales team is trained to act as your trusted partner; never fabricating details to make a sale. Our transparency is all part of our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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To save money on your next vehicle with a special demo sale, look to Planet Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ram. We have a wide selection of vehicles available as demo specials so you can find the right type for you.

Choose the model, options, colors, and trim level that fit your needs and preferences. These options come from late model years and are in like-new condition thanks to low mileage and excellent care. Demo cars are the exact vehicles we use to show customers who are looking for new options. Therefore, you can count on getting unblemished quality without paying top dollar for a new car.

Contact us today to learn more about our specific demo specials, and our friendly staff will answer all of your questions. Better yet, see us in person to confirm the beautiful quality and low prices that are available for you. Take some of your favorite options for a test drive?you might even feel like you’re the first person to ever settle into the driver’s seat.

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