The Dishwasher Trick for DIY Headlight Restoration

We are proud to send off great looking cars onto the streets of Miami, but we also like to help owners keep those cars looking good.

One way to do that is to restore your headlights when needed. Thankfully, this task isn't too hard with the following trick.

Washing the Headlights

Part of what we do at Planet Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM is help our car owners, and we do that by informing or educating. The following are a few simple steps that could help you restore your headlights in no time:
1. Remove any dust from your headlights.
2. Mix warm water and dish soap.
3. Use a sponge to clean your headlights with the soap.
4. Let it sit for some time to allow the soap to work its magic.
5. Scrub a little harder before you begin rinsing it off.
6. Repeat the process a few times if needed.

This trick should work because dish soap is meant to remove gunk from your dishes, so it should help in this situation, too. Come in to talk to us about your car and what you can do to improve it.



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