Used Cars vs. Certified Pre-Owned Cars

Buying a new car can be a massive purchase, especially if the vehicle is brand new. To save yourself a lot of money, consider a car that has already been owned by someone else—a used car or a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle. 

To better understand your options, learn what separates used vehicles from certified pre-owned. 

What Are CPO Vehicles?

What makes a vehicle CPO certified is the testing criteria outlined by the manufacturer to ensure the vehicle still meets or exceeds specific quality requirements. Some consumers like to buy CPO vehicles as it allows them to purchase with greater peace of mind.

To qualify for CPO status, a vehicle normally has to meet limits for age, as well as mileage. For example, Dodge requires a CPO vehicle to be less than five years old and have less than 75,000 miles on it. Dodge also has a 125-point CPO inspection for the vehicle to pass. In addition to the added confidence of buying a vehicle that has passed such a strict inspection, CPO vehicles also come with a warranty. As CPO vehicles are so highly graded, they are likely more expensive than a normally used option. 

Used Vehicles

A used vehicle is any pre-owned car that has not been certified by the manufacturer. It has either not been tested against the CPO checklist or does not meet one or multiple of the checklist items.

In many cases, a vehicle is not certified because it is too old or has too many miles on the odometer. If a vehicle is recent and has low mileage on it, you can ask the seller why it is not certified. You can also have an independent mechanic give the vehicle a thorough diagnostic examination before you make your final purchasing decision.

Some buyers like to use the combination of their independent inspection and a warranty purchase to create the same peace of mind that CPO vehicles offer. While used vehicles can create an extensive buying process, their costs are much lower. 

Is It Better to Buy a Used or CPO Car?

Whether it is a better idea to buy a used or CPO car depends on your specific needs and what you want from your purchase. If you have had a bad history with cars, or are particularly hard on your vehicles, it may be worth the extra money to go with a CPO option. If you are mostly interested in saving money on the purchase of your vehicle, it might be better to go with a standard used option. The most important thing, in either case, is to be smart and make sure you purchase your vehicle from a reliable source.

A CPO vehicle makes the most sense if you have a lot of anxiety about your car, or if you purchase a luxury car with notoriously expensive maintenance and upkeep costs. If you want to save a few thousand dollars on your next vehicle, go with a standard used option and get it inspected before you buy. 

CPO and Used Cars in Miami

Planet Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ram is your local source for both CPO and used vehicles in Miami. Our friendly staff can walk you through all of your options to help you determine which one is best for your needs and budget. The easiest way to assess a used vehicle is often to take a test drive, so stop by and look in person today!

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