How oversteer and understeer differ

We here at Planet Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM know the importance of understanding your vehicle's performance and questions come up from time to time on the different vehicle terminology. While oversteer and understeer deal with your car's steering, the two differ in what they do.

Oversteer occurs more commonly on cars that have rear-wheel drive systems. When the rear end of your car loses its grip, it can slide out and cause your car to fishtail. To help address oversteer, you can loosen the suspension on your car or its downforce to help the rear end grip the road easier.

Understeer, on the other hand, will happen more commonly with cars that have front-wheel drive. If you accelerate too fast while turning or turn the steering wheel too quickly, you can cause the wheels to not turn quick enough. By increasing the suspension or front wing, or even adjusting the tire pressure, you can help minimize understeering.



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