Thanksgiving Road Trip

What’s better than a holiday road trip in a Jeep Wrangler or a Ram 1500 or even a Chrysler Pacifica? We agree it's a pretty tough question. But we have the answer for you: a SAFE drive in any of these vehicles. At Planet Dodge we’re committed to creating safe roads one person at a time. This is why we have created a few pointers on the safest way to take on your holiday season adventure this year.

  1. Check Your Car: Before you cruise on into your Thanksgiving road trip, we emphasize the importance of having a proper vehicle inspection before hand. Be sure to check your oil, windshield wiper fluid, your tires, air filter, and most importantly your engine. Get your vehicle checked out by a Planet Dodge skilled and highly trained professional at our AWESOME service department. Schedule an appointment or just walk in or this safety check. 

  2. Plan A & Plan B: Inconveniences happen, especially this time of year. Expect delays and heavy traffic. We encourage you to have more than one route options. Stay updated on traffic alerts as well as weather alerts for the smoothest trip possible.

  3. Drive Focused: Distracted driving is a risk to all of those sharing the road. Share your kindness by refraining from cell phone use while driving. Not only is it illegal in the state of Florida, but also very dangerous. In a similar manner, it is best you pick your music and have your directions sorted out before you start driving. This way you aren’t distracted with wrong directions or figuring out what station you want to listen to as you drive.

  4. Drive Sober: Stay sober, designate a driver, or use a service such as Uber or Lyft to ensure everyone’s safety this holiday season. Planet Dodge reminds you to drink responsibly.

  5. Drive Safe: This means being cautious of speed limits and traffic rules. It is important you adjust your speed when entering new driving environments. Florida has a maximum speed limit of 70mph. 

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