Random Acts of Kindness

February 7th, 2020 by

Spread more kindness on February 17th! Celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day with Planet Dodge!

Are you for the #raktivist challenge? Haven’t thought of any good random acts? There’s a number to choose from on the Random Acts of Kindness website, but here’s the Planet Dodge top 5 acts of kindness!

Give a kind compliment to a well-done parking job! A well-done parking job is a task people take pride in. Share some kindness by recognizing their great parking job and giving them a sweet compliment to kick off their day!

Routine maintenance, the win-win kind of kind! This random act of kindness is especially done for the environment. Keeping up with your routine maintenance services will reduce pollution in the atmosphere, giving the environment something to smile about. Fortunately, Planet Dodge wants to be part of this kindness by offering awesome deals on any vehicle in our service department.

Cruise control, the kindest feature! What’s better than a feature that allows you to drive comfortably and efficiently? Using the cruise control feature increases your mileage by 15% and better yet, decreases emissions produced from your vehicle. This is yet another way to be kind to your environment.

Share the kindness on the road! Sharing a smile with those you share the road with is one way of being kind. Even better, kindly let other drivers merge or pass into your lane safely. Always use blinkers and thank other drivers with a wave for their kind acts.

Let others have your front row parking spot! It’s an unexplainable thrill you get when you find the perfect parking spot wherever you are! Share this feeling with another driver when you give up your closer parking spot. They’ll really appreciate this kind gesture!

Other inspiring random act of kindness ideas:

Tip outstanding service

Organize a beach cleanup

Pay for the person behind you at a fast food place

Send a thank you letter to a veteran

Leave a good review for a business

Spread the word and be kind on February 17th! Tag us on your #raktivist random acts of kindness posts @planetdodgechryslerjeepram on Instagram!

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