Set Yourself Free In The Dodge Charger

February 11th, 2020 by

The Dodge Charger is the ultimate sedan for many people as this car appeals to a wide demographic of people. The Charger has striking good looks from front to rear. The car’s interior is laced with premium materials as well as innovative technologies. Check out some of the safety features below.

First and foremost, the Charger is equipped with sensor-driven technologies. These technologies do a great job of scanning the roadways for any possible hazard. The driver will get an immediate alert if a road hazard is detected. These advanced sensors do a wonderful job of preventing potential accidents. The vehicle also hosts Automatic High-Beam headlamps, which will engage/disengage during nighttime driving. Lane Departure Warning is designed to keep you safely within your lane of travel. There’s also All-Speed Traction Control as well as Adaptive Cruise Control.

To get a free test drive of the Dodge Charger, all sedan enthusiasts are invited to stop by our location.

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